Rain in the Forest

Poet: Tracy Mitchell

Poet: Tracy Mitchell

A lilt, a curl
like a thread of smoke
from morning fire

ravels from a distance
through tangled
branches toward light.

Below this risen hillside
the river beams broad, inviting;

bright-eyed canvases
open like peapods.

The air smells green and blue
like lime and vegetable broth
ladled fresh
over and again.

The trail drifted so deep, didn’t it,
that rush and gurgle of the rapids
lost themselves to the flutes,
sometimes only drums and rain.

For now the mosaic glows so perfect
spackled edges assert no burden.

Pick up the chalice, the gauntlet
the grail –

There be rain in the forest tonight.

One thought on “Rain in the Forest

  1. Tracy:

    I have not yet figured out how to leave a message re a poem on the site. What use of language and imagery! You invite to grandeur, to the greater than …


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