Starting Afresh

Poet: Colm Roe Tarmac, velvet under his wheels, crumbles to an end when road and nature meet. Warm rubber protests, flicks small stones against metal as a reminder. He’s heading for the river. Boulders, adrift and orphaned slow the water’s race, whitened angry by the interruption. Glacial blue where depth calms the surface, but clouded […]


Poet: Marc Gilbert (First appeared in Avalon Literary Review, Spring 2016) Some days, usually in summer when the light is right and my mind is quiet, I’ll pass a street that looks familiar; its straight trees plotted in parkways, their trunks just wide enough for a boy to hide behind, and think of my grandfather. […]

Aegis Evident

Poet: Sharon Leigh After I know, and he is gone, days stretch unreal as Dali’s dreams. Clocks melt in unimportance: one moment I am stirring eggs in morning light, next, street lamps buzz to life in purple dusk. The only constant the sharpness of my vigilance, these children needing me, their eyes so bright with […]