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As  It Is

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As  It Is

Post by DocCon » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:59 pm

As  It Is
( 4/11/2019 
A Day after the first picture of a Black Hole

Listening to Alice Coltrane
slightly stoned picking up
branches from an atmospheric
event last Fall sucked up into
her Oludumare Galaxy remember
my roots under the reciprocal
Xylomancy literally as above
so below
Yesterday we saw
Their Eye the first picture
of the unseeable long 
ago promised by
Einstein’s obsession
with the Mystery

not as we wish it to be
(who would wish an Elder God
whose open mouth betoothed
by ribbons of glowing radiation
spans six billion times our own
solo sun around whose appetite
a Galaxy rotates?)

but as it is
They say Oludumare
gave us the knowing
of Things at birth

at the edge
of our own
event horizon
it is as it is

nothing more
or less.